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Solinka. Body in the riverbed. They have suspicions about the man's identity

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An autopsy will be held on Tuesday of a man whose body was fished out of the Solinka River in Wołkowyja (Podkarpacie) on Sunday. The police are establishing the identity of the deceased, investigators already have some leads. “The deceased may be a person wanted as a missing person in Poland,” the prosecutor's office informs.

The body was found by a fisherman on Sunday (May 12) in Wołkowyja (Lesko County) in the Solinka River bed in the immediate vicinity of the Solina Reservoir. At that time, the police only informed about the “body” and did not specify the gender of the deceased person.

The body of a man in the river. Next to it is a backpack and a shopping bag

On Monday (May 13), Maria Chrzanowska, the head of the District Prosecutor's Office in Lesko, which is conducting the investigation into this case, told us that the deceased person was a man. – The bodies were clothed, in a state of partial, one might even say significant, decomposition. Some items were found with the deceased, such as a backpack and a shopping bag – said the head of the Lesko district prosecutor's office in an interview with tvn24.pl. She also informed that no documents were found with the deceased.

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An examination was carried out on site with the participation of a doctor, who initially ruled out the involvement of other people in the man's death. – So far, there are no circumstantial evidence indicating criminal activity – said prosecutor Chrzanowska.

The body was secured for examination

Regardless of this, in accordance with the procedure, the deceased's body was secured for autopsy. Experts are to determine the approximate time and determine the cause of the man's death. The autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday (May 14) and will take place in Przemyśl.

The police establish the identity of the man. The preliminary findings of the prosecutor's office show that the deceased may be a person who was searched for as a missing person in Poland. – There are certain traces indicating that this is this person, so the findings are also going in this direction – confirmed the head of the Lesko district prosecutor's office. Investigators are not revealing any more details about this person's identity at this time.

– During the autopsy, DNA material will be collected for comparative tests. Perhaps the examination of the body will reveal some additional information that will help determine the person's identity – adds Chrzanowska.

Prosecutor's investigation

An investigation into the man's death was initiated on Monday (May 13) under Article 155 of the Penal Code, which concerns unintentional manslaughter. This is a standard qualification in investigations involving unexplained deaths.

Whoever unintentionally causes the death of a person shall be subject to the penalty of imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years.

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