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Solomon Islands. Citizens will make their choice. The future of power is at stake

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Parliamentary elections in the Smolon Islands will take place next Wednesday. “This may be the most important election since independence” – commented on the upcoming election Tarcisius Kabutaulaka, associate professor and former director of the Center for Pacific Islands Studies at the University of Hawaii. Their importance is expected to be high not only due to the economic problems the country is struggling with, but also due to the international balance of power.

Elections in the Solomon Islands. The outcome could impact relations with China

Currently in office premier Manasseh Sogavare decided in 2019 to provide diplomatic support Chinominstead Taiwanu. This sparked numerous public protests, including attacks on his residence.

However, the politician remained adamant. Three years later, he signed a secret security pact with Beijing, causing serious concern among neighboring countries – Australia, New Zealand and United States. Countries feared that China may one day build a naval base theresignificantly increasing its military reach.

The strategic importance of the islands is ensured by their geographical location. The Solomon Islands lie approximately 2,000 years ago. km east of the Australian city of Brisbane and just over 6,000. km southeast of Shanghai, China.

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Currently the current head of government is considered the favorite in the upcoming elections. However, as Al Jazeera emphasizes, many citizens may want change because they are more concerned about the economic crisis and price increases than about world politics.

In 2027, war may break out in Taiwan. The American commander warns

The elections are taking place in the face of a tense situation in the international arena. Recall that in March, John Aquilino, head of the Indo-Pacific Command, testified before the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee. The military reported that despite economic problems in China, in recent years the their defense budget increased.

This indicates that they are sticking to their ambition to be ready to invade Taiwan by 2027 – he said. According to the military Xi Jinping may be planning to reunite Taiwan with mainland China by force.

– China is building its military and nuclear arsenal on a scale unprecedented since World War II – added the commander.

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