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Some have lost, others have gained, but the far right is unlikely to gain any influence on filling EU positions.

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The right wing gained, but the center maintained its advantage. Europe does not necessarily have to change course after the European elections. The new European Parliament has more far-right MPs, but at the expense of the Liberals and Greens, not the Christian Democrats and Democrats. Moreover, the far right is internally divided.

The far right dominated the headlines on June 10 more than the European Parliament itself. There, the broad coalition of the center-right, center-left and liberals, which counts on over 400 seats, still retains the most votes. The European People's Party is particularly triumphant, winning in 12 countries, including Germany, Spain and Poland. With 185 seats, she increased her possession by taking over 25 percent of the seats in the hall.

This indicates that the European People's Party, the faction to which the Civic Platform and the Polish People's Party belong from Poland, will dominate in the talks about the EU's position system, which are already underway, and the way remains open for Ursula von der Leyen to remain the head of the European Commission for another term. .

Macron's severe defeat and the far right divided

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The remaining groups of this European coalition – social democracy and liberals – are weakened. The voting power of the French president, who painfully lost to Marine Le Pen's party in the country, has decreased significantly and it will now be more difficult for him to promote his candidates.

The head of the European Commission needs 361 votes to accept her nomination, and if the Greens are also included in the broad pro-European coalition, the German president will not have to look for votes to the right of the European People's Party. It was this prospect – a necessary alliance with the radical right – that the center feared most.

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Macron: I decide to dissolve the National AssemblyYoutube/Emmanuel Macron

Although the extreme right is increasing its influence, it is still not enough to influence the work of EU institutions. Especially since it is itself divided. The 17 MPs of Alternative for Germany do not increase the resources of any of the factions, because AfD was expelled from the Identity and Democracy group before the elections. Le Pen's party did great in the elections, but Matteo Salvini's League did badly. In another group – the ECR (European Conservatives and Reformists) – after the elections, there are more MPs from Prime Minister Meloni, but from PiS – fewer.

Now the far right will have to sort itself out instead of the EU position, but due to many personal conflicts, this integration will not be easy.

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