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Someone sent her a threatening letter and a fox paw. The police will be watching her

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“You have already lost! Now disappear from the faculty, because you can hurt yourself” – Francesca Rescigno from the University of Bologna found an anonymous package with such information in her locker. The police are looking for the author of the letter, and in the matter of the woman’s safety, the prefect of the city has assembled the members of the public order committee. From now until the end of September, Rescigno will be accompanied by police officers on his way to the university and home.

Francesca Rescigno has been working at the University of Bologna for over 20 years. This semester, he teaches about institutions of public law at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences. They take place in the historic Palazzo Ercolani on Strada Maggiore, in the very center of the city.

Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Bologna

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“I’m uncomfortable.” She fights for the rights of women, minorities and animals

Last Tuesday, June 20, one day before the competition for a professor of public law held recently at the University of Bologna, she found a suspicious package in her compartment. In the place where her students usually left their work, there was a white envelope with a letter and a gruesome addition: a piece of animal flesh. As it turned out later, it was a piece of a fox’s paw. “You’ve already lost! Now disappear from the department, because you can hurt yourself…” – warned the inscription printed in black font on a white sheet of paper.

She immediately reported the matter to the police and university authorities. The journalist of the Il Resto del Carlino portal talked to the woman. He asked if he suspected who might be the author of this disturbing package.

“I have no idea. At that time, there was a competition for the position of professor in which I participated. It ended on Friday (two days after the shipment-ed.) in a way that was unfavorable for me. The atmosphere at the faculty was very tense. The message is for me clear: there is someone who does not want me on the faculty (…) Perhaps because I am ‘inconvenient’, and certainly not ‘discreet’ in what I do, maybe because of my fight for women’s rights , national minorities, to fight for the rights of people LGBT and animals. Whoever sent me that paw definitely knew it,” Rescigno said.

I want to change department

The police are investigating the case. Eight days later, the culprit has still not been traced. There are a lot of different fingerprints on a piece of paper, and there are no surveillance cameras in the department where the lecturer’s cupboard is located.

On Tuesday, June 27, the prefect of Bologna Attilio Visconti gathered the members of the public order committee. The rector of the university, Giovanni Molari, and Francesca Rescigno herself were also present at the meeting.

– We thoroughly analyzed the event, listened to the lecturer’s testimony (…) and decided to implement precautionary measures that will last until the end of September – the rector told the gathered journalists after the meeting. The committee decided that the lecturer would be accompanied by police officers on her way home and from home to the university.

Francesca Rescigno announced that she would apply to the rector of the university for a transfer to another faculty.

Il Resto del Carlino, quotidiano.net

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