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Sopot. Drunken teenagers at the Badger’s Trail viewpoint. The policemen lifted four girls in their arms, two people were taken to the hospital

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A group of teenagers had a party at the Badger’s Trail in Sopot. The policemen found seven people aged 13 to 18 on the spot, five of them were drunk. According to the police, four girls had problems with keeping the balance. – They were unable to get down the hill. The policemen lifted them on their hands – the officers handed them over. Two people were taken to the hospital.

On Saturday, the police received a report about teenagers drinking alcohol at the viewing point in Sopot around 3 pm. Officers who went there noticed seven people, aged 13 to 18, by the gazebo. Bottles of vodka and beer were scattered around. The teenagers admitted that they were celebrating their friend’s 18th birthday.

– Officers immediately noticed a strong smell of alcohol from a 15-year-old, as well as from four girls aged 13-18, who also had problems with maintaining balance and were not able to walk down the hill on their own. The policemen lifted the teenagers on their hands, and the remaining people were brought in and looked after all of them until the arrival of the ambulance service, the press team from the Sopot police reported.

The ambulance team decided to transport the 14- and 17-year-old girl to the hospital.

The policemen had to carry the teenagers down the hill in their arms KMP Sopot

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The court will decide the fate of the teenagers

– The mother of one of the girls, whom the police had given her daughter over to the custody of the girl, also appeared at the scene. The remaining four were taken by the uniform to the Sopot headquarters, from where their guardians picked up. The officers found that two of the seven people they intervened with were sober, the police added.

The officers will now submit all the collected material to the family and juvenile court, which will decide on the further fate of the teenagers.


Drunken teenagers were taken to the hospitalKMP Sopot

We urge parents, guardians and all other people not to delay in calling the 112 emergency number if they notice that a young person is under strong influence of alcohol or intoxicants. A quick response may save someone’s life.

Main photo source: KMP Sopot

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