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Sopot introduces electronic wristbands thanks to which children lost on the beach will return to their parents faster

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New technologies are entering the Sopot swimming pools. The city, in cooperation with a private company, created armbands with a radio identification system. They are designed to help children connect with their parents faster.

Free electronic wristbands for children will be waiting for sunbathers in Sopot from this season. They are to help in quickly finding parents or guardians of children lost on the beach.

– The disappearance of children on the beaches is unfortunately a problem that returns every summer. I myself once helped such a lost and confused toddler to find his parents – says Magdalena Czarzyńska-Jachim, deputy mayor of Sopot. – The action ended happily then, but it would have gone much faster with the armband, saving the nerves of adults and, above all, stress of the child – he believes.

“Don’t let me get lost.” New York police action01.08| “Don’t let me get lost” is an action of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Nowy Dwór Gdański, in which police officers present the problem of missing children on the beach, which appears on a large scale in the summer season.KPP Nowy Dwór Gdański

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Number in memory

Each armband is equipped with a memory in which a parent can save their phone number. If a toddler with such a wristband gets lost, anyone who meets him will be able to call his parents or guardians by obtaining their number after putting his phone to the child’s wristband.

Wristbands can be picked up in selected places in Sopot, e.g. at tourist information points, restaurants on the beach, and from mid-June also at the Sopot WOPR lifeguards. It must be encoded, i.e. registered to your phone number, and then put on your child’s hand. The technology on which the functionality of the wristband was based is widely available and common – practically every smartphone is now equipped with NFC, thanks to which we can, for example, pay with a contactless phone.

The electronic wristband will be available in SopotCity Hall Sopot

Brilliant in its simplicity

– Wristbands for children, the traditional ones, on which you can enter a telephone number, have been used on the Sopot beach for over 15 years – says Maciej Dziubich, president of the Sopot WOPR. Now, however, in his opinion, Sopot is entering a new era. – I am impressed that in such a simple way you can adapt technology that is available in virtually every phone. This is brilliant in its simplicity, because so far the biggest problem has been the lack of something to write with. And even if this number was written down, after swimming in water and staying in the sun, this number would wash off or become illegible. No such problem here, he notes.

The wristband with the entered phone number will be active for 72 hours, after which it must be re-encoded or replaced with a new one if it is damaged. Only the parent’s or guardian’s telephone number is encoded in the memory.

The project’s partner is the MIYA Cosmetics brand, and the technological partner is Talkin’ Things, TDJ SA

Main photo source: City Hall Sopot

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