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Sopot. Jacek Karnowski cut his hair. He kept his election promise

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The mayor of Sopot, Jacek Karnowski, who ran for the Sejm from the Civic Coalition, announced before the elections that he intended to cut his hair after the opposition parties removed PiS from power. The local government official kept his word. The haircut took place in one of the dressing rooms of the Forest Opera.

Thanks to Sunday’s elections, Jacek Karnowski, the mayor of Sopot, became an MP. He ran from the Civic Coalition list in the Gdańsk district, where he won over 55,000 votes. Only the “number ones” PiS and PO had better results. Kacper Płażyński – over 100 votes and Agnieszka Pomaska ​​– over 83,000, respectively.

Jacek Karnowski served in the local government for 33 years. He ruled Sopot for the last 25 years. 7 years ago he announced that he would not cut his hair as long as Law and Justice is in power.

– I made a commitment, or rather a bet between friends, that maybe I would not cut my hair as long as this government team, which is spoiling Poland so badly, is in power – he explained in 2017.

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Even though PiS received the highest support result in the elections, opposition parties won the majority of seats in the Sejm. So Karnowski kept his word.

– It’s a pity. I got used to it, others got used to it, but you also have to keep your election promises and I promised that votes would be rewarded with hair, he said after the elections.

Jacek Karnowski cut his hairPAP/Marcin Gadomski

His haircut took place on Wednesday, at noon, in one of the dressing rooms of the Forest Opera in Sopot. It was undertaken by the president’s friend, Robert Kaszubski, a hairdresser who runs his shop in Gdynia.

Unofficially, it is said that the cut hair will be auctioned and the money from its sale will be donated to charity.

Who will replace the president of Sopot?

Together with Jacek Karnowski, all his deputies are resigning. Along with him, his deputies: Magdalena Czarzyńska-Jachim and Marcin Skwierawski also ceased to perform their functions.

During Monday’s press conference, the vice-president of Sopot, Magdalena Czarzyńska-Jachim, announced that after Karnowski’s possible election to the Sejm, she intends to run for the office of president of the city. However, he will have to be replaced by a commissioner until the next local government elections. He is appointed by the Prime Minister at the request of the voivode.

Main photo source: PAP/Marcin Gadomski

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