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Sopot. The senior woman believed in her daughter's accident. She lost almost PLN 200,000

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An 87-year-old woman from Sopot lost almost PLN 200,000. The woman was sure she was helping her daughter who had caused an accident. Advised by the fraudsters, she packed money and jewelry into a shopping bag. She then handed the bag to a strange woman.

On June 5, the 87-year-old woman received a call from a crying woman who introduced herself as her daughter. Assistant Commissioner Lucyna Rekowska, press officer of the Municipal Police Commander in Sopot, reported that the caller told the senior that there had been an accident and she needed money. – Then a man pretending to be a policeman took over her phone. The alleged policeman confirmed to the 87-year-old that her daughter hit a pregnant woman and faces 12 years in prison. The man also said that EUR 45,000 is needed to prevent his daughter from going to prison, she added.

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She packed money and jewelry into a shopping bag

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During a telephone conversation, the senior woman informed her how much and what kind of valuables she had at home, and then, instructed by a fake policeman, she packed nearly PLN 130,000, several thousand euros and jewelry in the form of gold wedding rings and rings into a shopping bag.

The alleged policeman also added that the daughter had contacted her patron and a young applicant would come to her for the money. The 87-year-old, thinking that she was helping her daughter, handed a parcel with money and jewelry to a complete stranger in front of her house.

– The next morning, the senior received a phone call from her real daughter and realized that there was no accident and that she had been deceived – said Rekowska.

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