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Monday, November 29, 2021

Sosnowica. An unknown substance is floating in Lake Black. Firefighters have been trying to remove it for three days

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It is greasy and has a greenish-turquoise color. This is what a substance of unknown origin looks like, which pollutes Lake Czarne near Sosnowica (Lublin Province). Firefighters have a difficult task because the liquid has a density similar to that of water and when you try to collect, the two mix together to form a watery suspension. The action has been going on for three days.

– We received the application on Friday, November 12, around 2.30 pm. On the spot, we found a greenish-turquoise stain measuring several dozen meters long and about two meters wide, which began to spread, although the waves were slightly hitting it to the shore – says Captain Krzysztof Fila on Sunday (November 14) in an interview with tvn24.pl, spokesman for the County Headquarters of the State Fire Training in Parczewo.

The oily substance appeared on Lake Czarne in the Parczewski poviat. – The Inspectorate of Environmental Protection initially ruled out that these are algae or cyanobacteria. So probably someone must have poured something into the lake. The police took up the matter – our interlocutor says.

The substance has a greenish-turquoise colorOSP Sosnowica

No dead fish have been spotted in the lake

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Among others, specialized chemical and ecological rescue units from Lublin and Puławy.

– They stated that it is neither a petroleum substance nor a derivative of fats. We didn’t notice any dead fish either. The substance is therefore not highly toxic. However, we are waiting for the exact results of the samples taken – emphasizes the firefighter.

About 70 percent of the goo has already been removed

Removing the stain has been going on for three days.

To effectively pump out the suspension, you have to wait for it to accumulate in a thicker layerOSP Sosnowica

– The task is not easy. The problem is that this substance has a density similar to that of water, and when you try to collect it, it mixes with the latter to form a watery suspension. In order to pump it out effectively, you have to wait for it to accumulate in a thicker layer. Nor can we raise the water too much. Nevertheless, about 70 percent of the slime has already been collected, more or less one cubic meter – says captain Krzysztof Fila.

They wait for the substance to flow out of the reed

The remaining part of the spot is within the reeds.


– We’re waiting for him to come out of there. Then we can also collect it. The area is currently under supervision by us – emphasizes Cpt. Fila.

The place was surrounded by dams OSP Sosnowica

The lake is located near the town of Sosnowica

Main photo source: OSP Sosnowica

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