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Sosnowiec. A 30-year-old crocodile was brought to the zoo in Poznań, previously in inappropriate conditions, in a pool with a deceased companion

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Firefighters pumped water out of a swimming pool on a private property in Sosnowiec. They saw two crocodiles, one was dead. Alive he went to the zoo in Poznań. It is three meters long and 30 years old. He got a new name – Ancalagon in honor of the greatest dragon from the world of JRR Tolkien’s books. His new carers are concerned about the symptoms of stress and intoxication. We received the first information about a crocodile in a farm building in Sosnowiec on Contact 24.

On Tuesday, the zoo in Poznań informed on social media about a new resident.

As we read in the post, the Nile crocodile was secured “at the request of law enforcement” from another city.

We have established that it is about Sosnowiec.

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Firefighters pumped water out of the pool, saw two crocodiles

On the same Tuesday, we received information on Contact 24 about the action of the fire brigade in Sosnowiec, related to crocodiles kept in the garage.

– At the request of the police, we provided assistance during the evacuation of the crocodile – says Captain Łukasz Marchewka, captain of the State Fire Service in Sosnowiec, in an interview with tvn24.pl. And he adds: – Our actions consisted in pumping water out of the pool.

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As Marchewka describes, the swimming pool was located on private property, in a room measuring seven meters by four meters, it occupied half of this room and was 60 centimeters deep. “There were two crocodiles in the pool, one dead,” says the captain.

The crocodile went from Sosnowiec to the zoo in PoznańPoznań Zoo

“Now there is a fight to keep the pet alive”

On the same day in the evening, the Poznań zoo announced on Facebook: “We did it. Now the fight to keep the poor man alive, details of the story soon. Already in the warmth, he can bask after what he has been through in recent weeks, use a clean swimming pool, rest in complete peace.”

The crocodile went from Sosnowiec to the zoo in Poznańzoo in Poznań

On Wednesday, the garden announced that “the animal was kept in terrible conditions for a long time in water with the macerated corpse of the female companion, we are very afraid of the effects of poisoning, which, due to the specific metabolism of crocodiles, may appear over time”.

– We saved the animal from very poor keeping conditions – said Ewa Zgrabczyńska, director of the zoo in Poznań, on TVN24. She added: – This crocodile stayed in the pool for many weeks with a deceased female companion, whose corpse was in a state of advanced decomposition, hence this intervention was particularly difficult. We are worried about his health, he has gone through a huge stress of change, we have provided shelter, we will rehabilitate the animal.

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The crocodile went from Sosnowiec to the zoo in Poznańzoo in Poznań

He was Herman, he is Ancalagon, like Tolkien’s dragon

The crocodile is 30 years old and three meters long. His name was Herman, in Poznań he was given a new one – Ancalagon, in honor of the greatest dragon from Middle-earth, the mythical world created by JRR Tolkien. In Poznań, he has a new friend – the crocodile Ramzes, who was previously rescued from the circus.

According to the zoo, Ancalagon “gets up on its paws. It’s warmed up, it’s entered the pool.”

The crocodile went from Sosnowiec to the zoo in PoznańPoznań Zoo

Police are expected to provide more information on the animal on Friday.

tvn24.pl, TVN24, Kontakt 24

Main photo source: Poznań Zoo

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