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Sosnowiec. He broke into an empty house, they found him in the closet

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Policemen from Sosnowiec (Śląskie Voivodeship) caught the burglar red-handed. He barricaded himself in someone else’s house, and officers followed him through the window. The man hid inside and sat quietly, but forgot the booty. When the policemen saw the items ready to be taken out, they looked into the wardrobe.

Police officers from Sosnowiec were alerted by a woman who looks after an empty property in the Pogoń district that someone has barricaded herself from the inside and cannot enter. The officers who arrived were also unable to enter the house, so they asked the fire brigade for help.

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They opened the wardrobe and found a burglar inside

Thanks to the support of firefighters, the policemen entered the house through a balcony window on the first floor. “The interior seemed empty at first, but during the search the attention of the policemen was drawn to the items prepared for removal” – describes the Sosnowiec police.

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Officers checked the possible ways out of the house and became sure that the burglar had not left him yet. In one of the rooms they opened a wardrobe. There they found a robber hiding.

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The detained 37-year-old was charged with an attempted burglary. He may face up to 10 years in prison.

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