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Sosnowiec. Two clergy from one parish died on the same day. The expert read data from the phone of a priest who was hit by a train

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A 26-year-old deacon was murdered with a knife, a 45-year-old priest died after being hit by a train. They both served in the same parish and died on the same day. The expert managed to break the password to the senior clergyman’s phone. As a result, the prosecutor decided to question more people.

March 7 in Sosnowiec the bodies of two clergy were found. A 45-year-old priest was lying on the tracks after being hit by a train. In turn, a 26-year-old deacon was murdered. He had several wounds caused by a knife.

They served in the same parish. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Sosnowiec.

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Sosnowiec is conducting two separate investigations into this case. She has already interviewed 11 witnesses in the case of death on the tracks and commissioned two expert opinions, which have just been received.

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Death of a priest on the tracks

– An opinion from an expert in the field of railway accident reconstruction was received in the case of death on the tracks. The expert examined whether the driver was driving the train correctly. There are no objections here, says Waldemar Łubniewski, spokesman for the Sosnowiec prosecutor’s office.

In turn, an expert in computer forensics managed to break the passwords securing the 45-year-old’s phone. – After analyzing the data, the prosecutor decided that it would be necessary to interview new witnesses. The investigation has been extended until January 7, 2024 – adds Łubniewski.

The murder of a deacon

Seven witnesses were questioned in the case of the deacon’s murder. Łubniewski confirms that some of them were also interviewed during the investigation into the tragedy on the tracks. As Łubniewski says, investigators learned the contents of some of the 26-year-old’s electronic equipment, but they have not yet managed to decode the laptop.

The investigation has been extended until December 8, but will probably last longer. A dozen or so people were interviewed.

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