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South Africa. Tigress escaped from private property. She attacked the man and the dog

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Authorities in South Africa’s Gauteng province are searching for a tigress who escaped from a private property on Sunday. The animal attacked a man and a dog and has been elusive ever since. Local authorities are urging residents to be vigilant and careful.

The tigress escaped on Sunday, January 15, from a farm whose owner breeds wild animals in the village of Walkerville in the Gauteng province of South Africa. South African news24 reported that the tigress was kept in an enclosure, but the fence was damaged – possibly on purpose. The search, so far unsuccessful, also continued on Monday, with the participation of several dozen people.

Tigress “is dangerous”

Colonel Dimakatso Sello, a spokesman for the Gauteng provincial police, said the tigress attacked a man with a dog in the area. The police officer confirmed that the 39-year-old survived the attack, but did not provide information about the fate of the dog.

Tiger (illustration photo)Shutterstock

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“Despite an all-night search, we still haven’t been able to catch the escaped tiger. We ask residents to be careful,” said Gresham Mandy of the local community and police cooperation forum.

An appeal was issued to residents of Walkerville and the surrounding area “to be vigilant and report immediately if a tiger appears.” It was recommended not to approach the predator as it is dangerous.

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