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South Korea. 150 bags of garbage shipped from North Korea

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On Wednesday North Korea she sent balloons to the border, which South Korea said contained attached bags. There was garbage, shoes and even feces inside.

The military in Seoul reported unidentified balloons floating in the sky heading from the North. In the morning they reported the detection of over 150 objects.

Photos published by the army appeared in the media, showing plastic bags carried by giant balloons. Most of them have already fallen to the ground, however some are still floating in the sky.

North Korea sent balloons to the South. Residents received the message

Local authorities sent a notice to residents of northern provinces warning against “unidentified objects” and a request to avoid contact with balloons. In the event of any threat, residents are obliged to: calling appropriate services to the site.

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The military said the balloons with their contents were being analyzed by a government agency cooperation with the command was initiated UN to take further steps.

– North Korea's actions clearly violate international law and seriously threaten the security of our citizens – said the military headquarters in Seoul. – All responsibility for the balloons rests with North Korea and we sternly warn her to immediately stop her low-level inhumane actions, they added.

Tension between neighbors is growing

North Korean media reported that it was retaliation for the activists' actions, who send propaganda leaflets, food, medicine, radios and USB sticks containing South Korean messages to the North. These are outrageous actions for the North Korean authorities.

– Scattering leaflets using balloons is a dangerous provocation that can be used for specific military purposes, said Kim Kang II, North Korea's vice minister of national defense, on Sunday.

Kim Kang II stated that southern neighbors use “psychological war“, to which they will respond. – When our national sovereignty, security and interests are violated, we will immediately take action – warned the Deputy Prime Minister of National Defense.

Propaganda issues have become a source of tension between the two Koreas, which are still formally at war. Both sides maintain that such actions are unacceptable.

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