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South Korea. 500+ for loners. The first country wants to pay young people to go out

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South Korea’s Ministry of Family and Gender Equality has announced that it will provide single young people with financial support of up to 650 won, or $500, a month. As the ministry explains, this money is to enable loners to “reintegrate into society”.

According to the data provided by the Korean Institute of Health and Public Affairs, 3.1 percent. Koreans aged 19 to 39 are “lonely people”. In the report from which this statistic comes, loners were defined as people “living in confined spaces, isolated from the outside world for a limited period of time, and clearly having difficulty leading a normal life.”

According to the cited data, there are currently over 338,000 people living in South Korea. people who meet these conditions. As much as 40 percent of this group became isolated from society during adolescence, according to a large-scale study. It emphasized that the reasons for this state of affairs are different. Financial difficulties, mental illness, family issues and health issues contribute to loneliness.

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South Korea. The government will pay the loners

The problem is so big that the Korean government has offered young loners support reminiscent of well-known 500+ social programs. On April 11, the Ministry of Family and Gender Equality announced that it would provide financial assistance of up to 650 won (equivalent to about $500) a month to isolated people. In its statement, the ministry explained that the money is to “support the psychological and emotional stability” of Koreans covered by the program, “improve their health” and enable them to “reintegrate into society.”

The ministry explained that people aged 9 to 24, living in households whose income does not exceed the national average, will be able to apply for financial assistance. In South Korea, it is 5.4 million won (about $4,165) per month for a household of four.

“In the case of lonely youth, physical development can be delayed due to an irregular lifestyle and an unbalanced diet. Young people who isolate themselves from the rest of society also tend to develop psychological problems, such as depression, caused by the loss of social roles and delays in the process of adaptation,” the ministry said in a Tuesday statement.

CNN reports that the financial assistance offered by the government is one of the measures provided for in the Youth Support Act.

Hikikomori – Japanese loners

The portal adds that the problem of loneliness also occurs in the neighboring one Japan. There its scale is even greater. According to the local government, there are now more than one and a half million young people living in isolation – called hikikomori – in the Land of the Rising Sun. Some of them leave the house only occasionally, e.g. to do shopping, while others do not leave the bedroom at all.

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