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South Korea. Children’s corpses in the refrigerator – Newborns Act amendment after gruesome discovery

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South Korea’s parliament passed a law on Friday requiring medical facilities to report births to local governments. This came after the bodies of unregistered children were found in a refrigerator last week, Yonhap news agency reported.

Last week, Korean society was shaken by reports of the discovery of the bodies of two newborns in a refrigerator. The gruesome discovery was made after inspecting just one percent of the more than two thousand cases of children not registered with the registry offices, but having a hospital birth certificate.

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The case revealed a loophole in the registration system where only parents are required to report their children’s births to the government within a month of their birth.

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“Our priority should be to protect children who have already been born”

The amendment to the Registration Act requires hospitals to provide local authorities with information about a child within 14 days of birth via the HIRAS system.

South Korea. A resident of Gyeonggi province pleaded guilty to two infanticidesShutterstock

MP Kang Min-kuk of the ruling People’s Power Party, who authored the bill, expressed hope on Friday that the bill would lead to fewer children remaining unregistered and deprived of their basic rights.

“Our priority should be to protect the babies that are already born,” he said.

The amendment will enter into force one year after its publication.

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