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South Korea. Interview: North Korean hackers attacked chipmaking equipment manufacturers

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South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) reports that North Korean hackers breached the servers of two semiconductor equipment companies. According to NIS, Pyongyang wants to bypass sanctions and produce its own semiconductors for its weapons programs.

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) in Seoul revealed that North Korean hackers recently breached the servers of two semiconductor equipment companies.

NIS said in a statement that the attacks, which were carried out in December and February, leaked “product design drawings and photos of facilities” from two manufacturers. The intelligence did not reveal the names of the companies or which group was behind the attack.

“In connection with these hacking attacks, it is possible that North Korea is preparing to produce its own semiconductors due to difficulties in sourcing them due to sanctions imposed on North Korea and increased demand for weapons such as satellites and missiles,” NIS said.

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Pyongyang is tightening cooperation with Moscow

Ukrainian, American and South Korean services reported on the strengthening cooperation between Moscow and Pyongyang. Since the September meeting of dictators Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin, North Korea she sent to Russia approx. 67 thousand containers with ammunition used in the war against Ukraine.

South Korean Defense Minister Shin Won-sik predicts that due to Russia’s growing dependence on North Korean supplies, the scope of Russian assistance in the field of military technologies may expand in the future.

As he pointed out, so far Russia has probably provided satellite technology to Pyongyang, as evidenced by North Korea’s placing the first spy satellite in orbit in November.

Pyongyang has always denied allegations of involvement in cybercrimes.

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