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South Korea: Over a thousand people poisoned after eating kimchi

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Authorities are taking decisive action to contain the epidemic in Namwom, South Korea. More than a thousand people there have been poisoned by norovirus after eating kimchi, a popular Korean dish made from fermented cabbage. Noroviruses cause symptoms of food poisoning, including diarrhea, pain, and vomiting.

More than a thousand residents of Namwom, South Korea, including students from 24 schools, were poisoned after eating kimchi contaminated with norovirus, Deccan Herald reported on Sunday.

Mayor Choi Kyung-sik reassured residents on social media that health authorities were taking decisive action to contain the epidemic. Tests confirmed the presence of norovirus in patients and in samples taken, including the ill-fated kimchi delivered to city schools. As a result, authorities have suspended the production and sale of food products made by the company blamed for the epidemic.

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Noroviruses cause symptoms of food poisoning: diarrhea, pain, vomiting. They are highly contagious and can spread through droplets, direct contact with infected people, or by consuming contaminated food or water. While most people with the infection recover within a few days without the need for hospitalization, some cases, including those involving dehydration, can be severe.

Kimchi is a very popular fermented cabbage dish in Korea. There are over 200 varieties of this dish, which has been used by Koreans to preserve vegetables for centuries. Kimchi is made from shredded cabbage, to which garlic, ginger and red chili paste are added.

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