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South Korea. The 19-year-old tried to open the door of the plane, they stopped him at the last moment

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A 19-year-old Korean man tried to open the door of a Jeju Airlines plane during the flight. As it turned out later, the young man was under the influence of drugs. He explained his behavior to journalists saying that he “felt that he was being attacked”.

The incident happened on Monday on a Jeju Airlines flight from Cebu to Philippines to Seoul, the capital of South Korea, there were 180 people on board. A 19-year-old Korean man, whose identity has not been released, tried to open the door of the plane while it was high above the ground. The crew of the machine managed to stop the man at the last moment.

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Seoul. The 19-year-old was under the influence of drugs

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According to a statement from Jeju Airlines quoted by CNN, the man began “behaving strangely” about an hour after takeoff, so the flight crew told him to move to the front row so that he could be observed more easily. The place where he was seated was close to the emergency exit. The Korean also allegedly complained that he felt “tightness” in his chest. Moments after changing seats, the man suddenly ran to the door and tried to open it, but was “immediately stopped by the crew, who used rope and clamps to keep him under control for the rest of the flight.”

Jeju Airlines officials also stressed that the doors remained closed and neither the machine nor any of the passengers were hurt. The plane landed safely at Incheon Airport in Seoul on Monday morning and at At 7:30, the 19-year-old was already in the hands of the officers.

Police said the man was accused of violating aviation safety regulations and that he was under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident. The test for their presence was carried out with his consent. Hair and urine samples were also taken from him and sent to the laboratory to check exactly what substance and how much he had ingested. CNN notes that as the 19-year-old headed for his arrest hearing on Tuesday, he “spoke incoherently” to reporters. “I felt I was under attack,” he said when asked why he was trying to open the door.

The passenger opened the door during the flight

The incident happened less than a month after another passenger made a similar attempt in-flight, but this time it was successful. A man flying Asiana Airlines to Daegu, South Korea in late May escape door opened while the plane was about to land. He later argued that he was “uncomfortable” and “wanted to get off the plane quickly.”

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