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South Korea will strengthen its defense potential. Response to the North Korean threat

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South Korea has announced cooperation with the United States and Japan to counter the North Korean nuclear and missile threat. – We will strengthen the response capacity of the South Korean army – said the South Korean Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup at the Dialog Shangri-La security forum.

Speaking on Sunday at the St. Singapore Security Forum Dialog Shangri-La, Defense Minister South Korea Lee Jong-sup said that the situation on the Korean Peninsula poses a threat to the world. He called North Korea to the immediate cessation of nuclear and missile armaments. He also announced that his country will significantly increase its defense potential.


South Korea wants to strengthen cooperation with the US and Japan

– The South Korean government will strengthen its capabilities to better implement the US Extended Deterrence, and we will strengthen the South Korean military’s response capacity to deter nuclear and missile threats North Korea Lee was saying.

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– In addition, we want to strengthen security cooperation between South Korea, The United States and Japanto respond to North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs, he added.

Lee also announced that South Korea is ready to provide economic support to North Korea if it ends its nuclear program. “If North Korea makes significant progress in denuclearization, our government will pursue a bold plan that can bring breakthroughs for North Korea’s economy and the quality of life of its people,” he said.

Joint exercises by the South Korean and US armiesReuters

North Korean trials

North Korea has conducted at least 18 rounds of weapons testing this year, showcasing the development of its nuclear and missile arsenal.

Washington recently warned that North Korea is preparing for another nuclear test, and said it would demand The United Nations the enactment of new sanctions in Pyongyang.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un he announced at the last congress of the ruling party that he would use the principle of “force against force” in order to counteract “threats to the country’s sovereignty”. State media also reported that North Korea has promoted its key nuclear negotiator to foreign minister.

North Korea is conducting ballistic missile testsJEON HEON-KYUN / PAP / EPA

Main photo source: JEON HEON-KYUN / PAP / EPA

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