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SpaceForest’s Perun rocket soared to a height of 22 kilometers

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Perun, SpaceForest’s suborbital rocket made its first flight. The ship rose to an altitude of 22 kilometers, after which it was necessary to stop the flight for technical reasons. The company has already started preparing for the next test, which will take place in a few months.

The Perun suborbital rocket, created by the company from Gdynia, made its first flight on Wednesday. She managed to reach a height of 22 kilometers.

Launch of the Perun suborbital rocketSpaceForest

22 kilometers

The Perun suborbital rocket took off on Wednesday evening from the Central Air Force Training Ground located in Ustka. Marcin Sarnowski from SpaceForest said that the scientists had several different goals, depending on the scenario that could happen during the flight.

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– We have to prepare for everything possible in such a flight (…). When we reached 22 kilometers, it turned out that there were minor anomalies. Then it was necessary to abort the flight and separate the cargo part from the rest of the rocket. Rocket elements began to fall, parachutes deployed. Then we took the tank and the entire cargo part from the sea. We had contact with all the elements, so we knew exactly what was happening to them and where they landed – he reported.

The expert emphasized that the height to which the rocket soared was secondary. – It was important because we wanted to reach the height after which we could test atmospheric entry – and that’s still ahead of us. The most important thing for us is that we have recovered most of the components of the rocket. We have all the data, all the electronics, and that was really the main focus of our test. Now we will analyze the whole operation – he said.

Launch of the Perun suborbital rocketSpaceForest

They’re getting ready for the next flight

As he noted, the company has most of the components for the next flight. – We have spare parts ready, the parts we recovered from Wednesday’s flight will be analyzed, because it is not known whether there were any micro-damages during the operation, for example – he explained.

Sarnowski also said that Perun’s next flight is planned for autumn this year. – It is known that from the point of view of the weather and the length of the day, the earlier the better. It seems to me that the first possible window will appear in September. After a full analysis of our flight, we will inform you about the next date – he concluded.

The launch of the rocket is part of the project that the company has been carrying out since 2018.

– This is a project that involves the construction of a suborbital rocket – i.e. one that returns to the ground after being launched. Rockets of this type are used in by the European Space Agency or scientific institutes to provide a microgravity environment on board for a few minutes. Once the engines are turned off, no external forces act on the experiment inside while the rocket is flying. This way you can simulate the environment you are in space Sarnowski explained.

Launch of the Perun suborbital rocketSpaceForest

Main photo source: SpaceForest

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