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Spain. 135 years in prison for teacher who produced child pornography. The Supreme Court upheld the sentence

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Spain’s Supreme Court on Friday upheld a 135-year prison sentence for a British teacher and childminder who produced and distributed child pornography. The man had previously been convicted in his home country but changed his name and moved to Spain.

Ben David Rose officially changed his name to Lewis when in 2016 he was sentenced in the UK to a two-year suspended prison sentence for sexual offences. With a new passport, he moved to Zaragoza and then to Madrid, where he worked as a childminder and an English teacher.

IN Spain he was convicted of, among other things, photographing naked children under the age of 10, distributing child pornography on the dark web, and insulting morals.

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The verdict on Rose’s appeal comes amid heightened vigilance over child safety in Spain as police investigate a Barcelona school worker who had sexual contact with a five-year-old child.

Organizations are lobbying for a change in UK laws

In the UK, many organizations are now lobbying to modify name change laws used by registered sex offenders to conceal their identity and convictions.

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