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Spain. A plague of blackflies. “It made me go to the ER”

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Spanish entomologists warn of blackfly plague. Experts have observed a sharp increase in the population of these nuisance, biting insects, which is caused by persistent heat and reduced water levels in reservoirs.

Simuliidae resemble wasps in shape, but they are smaller than them and bite people much more often. These insects usually reach 1.5-10 (mainly 3-6) millimeters in length. They are darkly colored, hence their English name “black fly”. Adult insects inhabit areas with high humidity, mainly near water reservoirs. They often fly in swarms.

A plague of blackflies

Downy fleas are multiplying at an alarming rate in Spain. Many tourists and locals complain about them because their bites are itchy, painful and swollen. “It made me go to the ER,” one Spaniard complained.

According to entomologists, the rapid increase in the population of these insects is associated with the extended summer period. – This year spring ended earlier, so summer will last longer. This increased the reproductive window of these insects. That’s why black flies multiply so quickly and there are so many of them – explains one of the Spanish experts. He added that in the event of a bite, the affected area should be washed with water and not scratched.

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In Spain they fight with black fliesENEX

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