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Spain. Almost 30 degrees on thermometers. The sky may turn orange over the weekend

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In Spain, after a rather cold and rainy Easter, warm spring weather has arrived. On Friday, the temperature in the east of the country approached 30 degrees Celsius. “Bloody rain” is expected in the country over the weekend.

On Friday, in the commune of Miramar, which is located in eastern Spain, thermometers showed 28 degrees Celsius. It was 27 degrees Celsius at the airport in Valencia. In many other places in the east and southeast of the country, the temperature exceeded 20 degrees Celsius.

Maximum temperature in Spain on Friday, April 5wetteronline.de

A lot of sun

On Thursday, sunny and warm weather encouraged residents of cities such as Bilbao, Alicante and Seville to walk or go to the beach.

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– It was quite a good day at the beach. There was some fog in the morning, and later it was sunny – said a resident of Alicante on Thursday. – I went to take a bath, the water is still a bit cold. There were a lot of people on the beach, he added.

The sky will turn orange this weekend

During the weekend, the sky over Spain may turn orange – this may be due to Saharan dust flowing from Africa. The next few days are also expected to bring rainfall, which will wash some of the particles from the air. Due to the rust-colored color of such drops, local media called the phenomenon “blood rain” or “mud rain”.

According to the website eltiempo.es, the highest concentration of dust is expected in the south of the country, around Cadiz, Seville, Cordoba and Malaga. However, “bloody rain” may also appear in other regions of Spain, including over Madrid.

Meteorologists warn that the concentration of dangerous dust in the air may exceed the standards permitted by the World Health Organization. Experts direct this appeal primarily to people suffering from respiratory diseases. Saharan dust can irritate the eyes, so proper eye hygiene is important.

Warm and sunny in Spain ENEX

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