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Spain. Beatriz Flamini spent 500 days in the cave, completed the experiment

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A 50-year-old Spanish sportswoman and mountaineer who spent 500 days in a cave with no direct contact with anyone from the outside world and no information about what was going on there, has surfaced. The end of the experiment was a surprise to Beatriz Flamini. As she admitted, she did not want to leave the ground, because she enjoyed the silence and good food there.

Beatriz Flamini was 48 years old when she walked alone into a cave near Granada in Andalusia in the south of the country. It was November 20, 2021. You can say that in a different era, because, among other things, before the start of the armed invasion Russia to Ukraine, before lifting the pandemic requirement to wear masks in Spainbefore death Queen Elizabeth II.

On Friday, after 500 days, the challenge ended. Flamini, in the sunlight, with dark glasses and a wide smile, appeared on the surface. She was greeted with ovations, several journalists and the support of her family and the team. The woman described her experience as “excellent, unbeatable”.

Beatriz Flamini surrounded by the media after leaving the cave PAP/EPA/Alba Feixas

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– I was asleep when they came for me. I thought something had happened. I said to them, “That’s it? Certainly not. I haven’t finished my book,” she recalled.

When asked if she ever thought about stopping the experiment, she replied: “Never.” I didn’t really want to leave.

Beatriz Flamini left the cave with support and applausePAP/EPA/Alba Feixas

Books, exercises and knitting needles. “I was doing very well with myself”

Flamini spent time at a depth of about 70 meters. She exercised, painted, knitted woolen hats. According to her team, she had two GoPro cameras, 60 books and 1,000 liters of water with her.

The woman admitted that she had not been spared difficult times. One of them was a plague of flies. “If it’s your dream and you pursue it, why are you going to cry?” she explained to herself then.

Beatriz Flamini exercising in a caveReuters/Dokumalia Productions

At a conference in Motril, the woman described that in the cave she focused on maintaining “internal integrity”, eating well and enjoying the silence. She admitted that she was looking forward to the treats given to her by the team, such as avocados, fresh eggs, but also clean T-shirts. The team also helped her with the disposal of waste.

She avoided communication with the outside world

“I wasn’t talking to myself out loud, but I was having internal conversations and I was very good at myself,” she said. – You must remain aware of your feelings. If you’re scared, it’s natural. Never panic or you’ll be paralyzed.

The Spanish woman insisted that she should not be contacted under any circumstances, even in the event of a death in her family. – If there is to be no communication, then there is no communication, regardless of the circumstances. People who know me knew it and respected it,” she said.

Everyday life of Beatriz Flamini in the caveReuters/Dokumalia Productions

Flamini was monitored by a group of psychologists, researchers, speleologists (specialists in cave research) and trainers who watched her every move and monitored both her physical condition and well-being.

According to the Spanish news agency EFE, the experiment is under scrutiny by scientists from the Universities of Granada and Almería and the Madrid sleep clinic to describe the impact of social isolation and extreme temporary disorientation on people’s perception of time, the possible neuropsychological and cognitive effects of changes that a person undergoes under earth and its effects on circadian rhythms and sleep.

Plans for “after leaving”

Flamini said she was looking forward to taking a shower and enjoying a plate of fried eggs and fries with her friends. She confirmed that she would now place herself in the hands of doctors to study the effects of the experiment on her body and mind before planning further mountaineering and speleology projects.

Beatriz Flamini at a conference in MotrilPAP/EPA/Alba Feixas

Beatriz Flamini’s team calculated that the athlete broke the world record for the longest time spent underground.

The Guinness Book of World Records website now awards the record for “longest survival time trapped underground” to 33 Chilean and Bolivian miners who spent 69 days buried 688 meters underground after the collapse of a copper and gold mine in the Atacama Desert of San José, Chile in 2010 year.

A spokesperson for the Book was unable to immediately confirm to Reuters whether there was a separate record of voluntary stay in the cave, and if so, whether Flamini had beaten him.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/Alba Feixas

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