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Spain. Farmers decide to slaughter cattle due to drought. The clergy call for prayers for rain

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The drought in Spain is intensifying, which means more problems for farmers. Shortages of water and fodder, as well as its rising prices, cause breeders to decide to slaughter cattle, the media inform. The daily “El Mundo” claims that 40,000 farm animals have been slaughtered in Castile and León in the last two years due to drought. Local priests are appealing to the faithful to pray for rain.

Thousands of cattle have been sent to slaughterhouses in recent months due to drought in Spain. According to the daily “El Mundo”, it is most common in the autonomous community of Castile and Leon, in the west of the country, which is among the Spanish top in terms of the number of livestock. About 40,000 people have been sent to premature culling in the region over the past two years, the newspaper calculated. head of cattle.

Local breeder Joaquin Gargallo estimates that due to the war in Ukraine, water scarcity and growing speculation, feed prices have tripled there.

“Healthy cattle go to the slaughterhouse”

The website of the Spanish public broadcaster RTVE claims that selling or killing cattle due to drought is ultimately the solution used in the summer months, but so far this has not been the case in May.

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As Ainhoa ​​López Larrauri said, he sold 20 percent of his cattle. He added that most of it goes to slaughter for meat production. “Perfectly healthy cattle go to the slaughterhouse,” he said.

Osborne’s Bull, a famous bull billboard in a drought-stricken olive grove in SevilleReuters

“We must turn to God and the Blessed Virgin Mary for much-needed rain.”

As the drought intensifies, Spanish clergy appeal to the faithful to pray for rain. In early May, the bishops of drought-stricken Andalusia, in the south of the country, asked local parish communities to ask God for this intention.

“We find ourselves in circumstances of extreme drought. We must turn to God and the Blessed Virgin Mary for this much-needed rain today,” the Andalusian bishops wrote in a letter to the faithful.

Since April, rain services have also been held in Catalonia. The Ordinary of the Archdiocese of Barcelona, ​​Cardinal Josep Omella, asked for them, warning that the lack of water, which today mainly affects farmers and people living in the countryside, will sooner or later affect the lives of city dwellers.

An olive grove in Seville affected by droughtReuters

The driest start of the year and restrictions

La Sexta, citing meteorologists, notes that low rainfall has led to extreme drought in Spain, where water levels in most rivers are now 75 percent lower than in previous decades. As Spanish meteorologist Joanna Ivars estimates, soil moisture at a depth of 0-40 centimeters “is practically zero today”.

Torrential downpours and hail occurred later that week in Catalonia and Valencia, but intense and short-term rainfall will not improve the difficult hydrological situation. The national meteorological agency AEMET said Spain had its driest start to the year since records began. In the first four months, the total rainfall turned out to be less than half of the average value for this period. This year’s April was the warmest since observations were made in 1961.

The most severe drought is in Catalonia. In early May, the regional government introduced restrictions on the use of water in 244 municipalities, but as announced that the restrictions will affect a total of more than six million residents of 495 municipalities. Among other things, it was forbidden to water gardens and wash the streets with drinking water.

The mayor of the municipality of Vacarisses issued an order prohibiting the filling of empty pools. This municipality, located about 40 kilometers from Barcelona and inhabited by over seven thousand people, is famous for its large number of private swimming pools. There are over 1,500 of them registered there.

The Spanish municipality of Vacarisses is famous for its large number of swimming poolsReuters

Main photo source: Reuters

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