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Spain. Five tourists fined 36,000 each euros for “balcony”

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Five young tourists have been fined €36,000 each for so-called balconing at a hotel in Magalluf, Mallorca, EFE reported. “Balkoning” is jumping from balcony to balcony in a hotel. Additionally, tourists were kicked out of the hotel.

The local government of the municipality of Calvia sued tourists based on photos taken of them clinging to railings walking from one room to another on the outside of hotel balconies. After identifying the perpetrators of the dangerous practice known as “balkoning”, they were subjected to “dissuasive” penalties.

Tourists fined for “balcony”

“Balkoning” is a dangerous game practiced mainly by young English and German tourists who, under the influence of alcohol and drugs, jump from the balcony to the balcony of another room or jump from the balcony to the hotel pool located at the bottom. Such “entertainment” often ends in permanent disability or death.

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In July, two British tourists, aged 22 and 35, lost their lives on the island of Ibiza (Balearic Islands) by drugging into a hotel pool from their upstairs rooms.

The Balearic authorities, in order to improve the image of the region, introduced a more restrictive policy towards the so-called alcohol and drug tourism.

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