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Spain. Former king Juan Carlos was to receive funds to reduce libido. “It Has Become a Pavilion Problem”

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Former Madrid Police Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo testified to the parliamentary commission on corruption that the former King of Spain Juan Carlos Burbon was to receive drugs containing female hormones and testosterone inhibitors in the last years of his reign. These substances, he said, were to suppress the monarch’s “unrestrained” libido, which “became a state problem.”

Juan Carlos, who held the office of King of Spain for nearly 39 years, abdicated on June 2, 2014. Seventeen days later, his then 46-year-old son Philip ascended the throne. In the following years, the former monarch faced many allegations and investigations related to, inter alia, with corruption and the transfer of multi-million sums to foreign bank accounts. In August 2020. Juan Carlos discreetly left for the United Arab Emirates. In a letter sent to Philip VI, he explained that he wanted to “facilitate his exercise of power” by his departure.


The revelations about the monarch also concerned his emotional life. Former Madrid police commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejo said that Spanish law enforcement was involved in the administration of libido-lowering drugs, as “Juan Carlos’s unrestrained libido has become a state problem.” “He was so hot that (…) they started giving him female hormones and testosterone inhibitors,” said Villarejo, who is the defendant in several parallel court cases in Spain.


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He testified about the king, and is himself accused of numerous crimes

The Politico portal pointed out that Villarejo is one of the most controversial figures on the Spanish political scene. “The 70-year-old ex-policeman is widely perceived as the central figure of the ‘deep state’ apparatus, whose tentacles for decades have reached the media, judiciary, big business and politics,” the portal believes.

In connection with its activities, 30 separate proceedings were initiated. Villarejo is accused of numerous crimes such as bribery, extortion, forgery, and patronage. The Spaniard, along with 32 others, is to be tried in several cases in the coming months. If found guilty, he may be imprisoned for more than 50 years.

Law enforcement agencies have, inter alia, recordings of wiretaps set up by Villarejo. One of them comes from a meeting in 2015 in London with Villarejo and the alleged mistress of Juan Carlos, German aristocrat Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein. Interlocutors suggest that Bourbon is embroiled in corruption.

Jose Manuel VillarejoEMILIO NARANJO / EFE / PAP / EPA

In recent months, the press, incl. the Madrid daily “El Mundo” presented documents proving that Juan Carlos had spent at least EUR 2 million to buy luxury apartments in Switzerland through Panamanian companies. Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein was to assist him in carrying out these transactions. The daily Publico recalled on Thursday that the Spanish prosecutor’s office also had a recording of a conversation between Sayn-Wittgenstein and Villarejo, in which a friend of Bourbon complains about the monarch’s low libido.

Main photo source: MANUEL H. DE LEON / EFE FILE / PAP / EPA

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