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Spain, France. Arwen snowstorm. There are fatalities

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Spain is struggling with the aftermath of a massive snowstorm. There were two fatal road accidents in the country due to the extreme weather. Heavy snowfall reached France as well, where hundreds of cars got stuck on the roads. In some places, up to 30 centimeters of snow fell.

As a result of the Arwen snowstorm passing through Spain, several hundred roads were blocked across the country on Sunday evening. Heavy snowfall, heavy rainfall, and gusty winds have led to two fatal road accidents.

Breakdown in the weather in Spain

Both tragic events took place in the autonomous community of Asturias in the north of the country, where several serious accidents occurred due to a sudden break in the weather. The most dangerous one happened in the town of Soto de la Barca, where, due to a landslide of one of the roadside slopes, soaked with water, the car was covered with heaps of sand and stones on the national AS-15 route.

As a result of a tragic incident, the car with five people was buried in it. A woman died on the spot. Another passenger was seriously injured.

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Two other incidents in Asturias on Sunday resulted in vehicle skidding accidents due to bad weather. One of the drivers was killed and another was injured.

Snowfall in SpainReuters

According to the estimates of the General Directorate of Road Traffic (DGT), on Sunday most roads were impassable in the entire lane of northern Spain – about 150.

On the other hand, in the east of the country, mainly in the autonomous community of Valencia, more than 20 road accidents occurred as a result of icing roads.

Extremely low air temperatures are a significant problem in several regions of the country. In Catalonia on Sunday, the mercury column showed in several places – 12 degrees Celsius.

Snowfall in SpainReuters

It also started to rain in France

Snow also fell in France, but the storm was named Dennis there. Heavy snowfall on Sunday evening crippled traffic on the A89 motorway between Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand in central and eastern France. Hundreds of cars were stuck in snowdrifts near Thiers, local media reported.

Winter in FranceENEX

The operator of the A89 motorway, Vinci, distributed hot drinks and food among the people trapped in their cars.

Up to 30 centimeters of snow fell in some places.

Winter in France

Winter in FranceENEX

Main photo source: Reuters

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