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Spain has reached an agreement with the US regarding the reception of two ships at the Rota base

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The authorities in Madrid reached an agreement with Washington to strengthen the American presence at the Spanish military base near Cádiz. In May, the two countries will sign an agreement on the stationing of two American destroyers there.

Authorities Spain have reached an agreement with USA on the reception of two American ships at the Rota military base near Cadiz. Sources in the Spanish Ministry of Defense quoted by the media said that the agreement serves to strengthen the European anti-missile shield FOR THIS.

Pursuant to earlier agreements between Madrid and Washington from 2014-2015, four American destroyer ships were placed at the Rota base.

Entrance to the Rota military baseShutterstock

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Preparations to sign the contract

The new agreement will be initialed before the meeting between Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and the US President in Washington on May 12. Joe BidenMadrid’s Europa Press news agency reported on Thursday.

This information coincided with the confirmation by the Spanish Ministry of Defense that Sanchez’s cabinet intends to increase military aid to the Ukrainian army soon.

“Spain has committed itself to Ukraine for further shipments of arms (…) in terms of increasing its missile defense capabilities, as well as naval activities, “said a source in the Spanish Ministry of Defense on Thursday.

Rota military basePAP/EPA

Main photo source: PAP/EPA

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