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Spain. Ibiza and Majorca introduce another ban. It will hit tourists

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New regulations ban alcohol consumption on the streets of major tourist areas Ibiza and Majorca. The exception are places covered by a license. There are threats for violating the ban fines ranging from PLN 500 to PLN 1.5 thousand. euro (PLN 2.2 – 6.5 thousand).

Spain: Ibiza and Majorca introduce new regulations. They will attack tourists

Implemented the regulations also apply to ships selling alcohol on board. These units – under the new regulations – are prohibited from staying within a radius of one nautical mile from prohibited areas. It is also prohibited to disembark or pick up passengers in these places.

According to Spanish authorities, the new measures aim to further restrict “dangerous and destructive behavior” among visitors to the islands.

The decree introduced in 2020 included the fight against “excessive tourism”. This wording has now been replaced “responsible tourism”in the opinion that it is one of the most important sources of income for the islands.

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The 2020 decree was introduced after subsequent media reports about “uncivilized behavior in some tourist areas” Majorca and Ibiza, largely related to alcohol consumption. As it was assessed at the time, such behavior damaged the image of the islands and contributed to the development of nightlife, at the expense of the inhabitants.

Spain: Balearic Islands authorities want to fight “destructive behavior”

“They show up every year reports of uncouth young touristswhich cause deep concern among citizens,” the decree said, noting that serious injuries and deaths have occurred in this connection.

The decree outlines housing, the sale and advertising of alcoholic beverages, sanctions and other measures to curb “dangerous or destructive behavior.”

The authorities also decided to allocate 16 million euros (nearly PLN 69 million) to help finance projects encouraging “responsible tourism”.

In April, residents of another Spanish archipelago – Canary Islands they protested against overtourism, blaming the visitors for inflating prices and causing environmental damage. Over the last decade, the number of visitors to the Canary Islands has increased from 11.5 million to 16 million per year.

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