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Spain. Komodo dragon. Five eggs were incubated for over seven months. Komodo dragons have hatched at a zoo in Spain

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Five Komodo dragons have been hatched at a zoo in southern Spain. This is a great event and a chance to save this species. The head of the herpetology department at the Bioparc Fuengirola Zoo, who calls herself the “mother of dragons”, described the cubs as being lighter than a lemon and shorter than a shoe box.

The Komodo dragons were hatched in a Spanish zoo in the city of Fuengirola. “This is a great achievement for all of us,” Milagros Robledo, head of the herpetology department at the Bioparc Fuengirola zoo and self-proclaimed “mother of dragons,” told Reuters on Tuesday, March 28.

Their real mother, a 13-year-old female named Ora, laid 12 eggs in August. Five of them were selected and artificially incubated for more than seven months. “It was a huge task, very tedious and time-consuming, but one that gave us a lot of satisfaction,” Robledo said. She added that the young give hope that this species will survive.

Komodo dragonReuters

Komodo dragons

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The head of the herpetology department said that juvenile lizards are lighter than a lemon and shorter than a shoebox. – But one day they will grow sharp teeth. They can reach almost three meters in length and weigh up to 70 kilograms, she stressed.

Komodo dragonReuters

In 2021 Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis), originating from four Indonesian islands, have been added to the “Red List of Threatened Species” published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Experts estimate that only 1,500 individuals remain in habitats that are threatened by climate change.

In the natural environment, young lizards hide in the treetops and do not need maternal or paternal care. “But in captivity, they are kept in separate terrariums, so veterinarians can monitor their growth and health,” added Robledo.

Komodo dragonReuters

Main photo source: Reuters

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