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Spain. Madrid Zoo in hot weather. Wild animals keep cool

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The high temperatures bother the animals at the Madrid Zoo. When the weather is so extreme, the keepers try by all means to cool them down, for example by preparing special ice cream for them.

On Wednesday, the temperature in the Spanish capital approached 40 degrees Celsius. Such a high heat is tiring not only for the inhabitants of the city and tourists, but also for the animals living there. At the zoo in Madrid, the heat was struggling all day.

The heat at the zoo in MadridReuters

Fish ice cream on the menu

According to the seal handler Nerea Munoz, due to the heat wave, the zoo tries to rehydrate the animals a bit more and change their diet.

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– We make them fish ice cream, that is, we put the fish in the water and freeze them – he explains. – It will take a while for the animals to get to the fish.

Beef ice cream was very popular among large cats, and one of the zoo’s biggest stars – Bing Xing panda – supplemented its daily diet based on bamboo shoots with watermelon sorbet. Many carers also decided to pour water on their charges.

“The animals have outdoor swimming pools and access to cool food to help keep them cool,” adds panda caretaker Rebeca Ortega.

The heat at the zoo in MadridReuters

The heat is not over yet

The Iberian Peninsula is struggling with a sustained wave of heat. As confirmed by the Spanish weather agency AEMET, the heat was particularly severe on Wednesday. In the western and southern parts of the country, temperatures have exceeded 45 degrees. Tropical heat persisted both in agricultural areas and in cities.

High temperatures led to numerous fires in Galicia in the northwest of Spain. They caused the greatest losses in the vicinity of the city of Ourense, where over 500 hectares of forests and meadows were burnt since Monday.

AEMET weather forecasters predict that the heatwave may last even until Monday, July 18. The regions bordering Portugal will be the hottest.

The heat at the zoo in MadridReuters

The heat at the zoo in MadridReuters

Main photo source: Reuters

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