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Spain. Olive oil is becoming more expensive, anti-theft protection in stores

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In Spain, the price of olive oil doubled in August 2023, even though this country is the leading producer. Some stores have started to put anti-theft protection on oil bottles – the ABC daily noted.

Olive oil is a basic ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine, so the increase in prices causes great emotions among Spaniards. According to data from the local Ministry of Agriculture, in August a liter of oil cost from 10 to 13 euros, and a 5-liter bottle – from 27 to 45 euros, depending on the type. These are the highest prices in a decade – noted the ABC daily.

Therefore, some stores started to put anti-theft protection on oil bottles. “Customers are surprised, until now, safety clips were reserved for alcoholic beverages or expensive Iberian hams,” commented the daily.

Olive oil has skyrocketed in price

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“It seems that the saying ‘liquid gold’ is now being put into practice when it comes to olive oil, which has become one of the most valuable products in supermarkets,” the newspaper added.

The increase in olive oil prices is related to long-term drought and extreme heat, which have caused production to decline by nearly 60 percent over the past two years. Producers in Andalusia are the most affected – 200,000. families who were left with virtually no income. Last year’s losses amount to EUR 2.8 billion.

Olive oil is stolen not only from stores, but also from places where it is produced. Last week, an oil producer in Cordoba reported the theft of 56,000. liters of olive oil, and previously 7,000 liters were stolen from a press in Malaga. liters.

Spain is the world’s largest producer of olive oil, producing nearly half of the world’s production.

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