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Spain. Sheep marched through the streets of Madrid

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On Sunday, the traditional sheep march event took place in the capital of Spain. An additional attraction, apart from cute animals, were the folk costumes of shepherds.

The streets of Madrid were filled with flocks of sheep. On Sunday, an event was held in the Spanish capital during which shepherds, dressed in folk costumes, marched with their flock as part of a ritual.

Sheep march through the streets of Madrid. It was first organized in 1994.PAP/EPA/Mariscal

Tradition surrounded by modernity

The event is organized every year since 1994. It is part of the annual celebration of La Fiesta de la Trashumancia. The shepherds can then follow the traditional routes that today run through the busiest areas of Madrid. They move their animals to the southern pastures. In this way, farmers customarily prepared for the coming winter.

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The event not only emphasizes respect for tradition, but also attracts crowds of people willing to admire fluffy animals, which especially delight the youngest. In turn, older observers appreciate the clothes the shepherds wear – colorful robes and wooden clogs. During the event, tradition combines with modernity and reminds us of the undeniable role of animals in our everyday lives.

Sheep marched through the streets of MadridPAP/EPA/Mariscal

Sheep marched through the streets of MadridPAP/EPA/Mariscal

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/Mariscal

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