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Monday, September 27, 2021

Spain. The authorities will create units to fight hate crimes against sexual minorities

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The Spanish authorities will establish units within the security forces to combat hate crimes, including physical and verbal aggression resulting from prejudice, including intolerance towards sexual minorities, the government’s press service said on Friday.

The center-left government of Spain explained in a statement that the first structures of the new units could be created as early as 2022, mainly within the national police and gendarmerie.


“New groups to fight hate crimes”, as defined by the government, are to be created under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior and to fight, inter alia, with violence based on sexual orientation, gender, race and nationality. The decision to create a new formation was made during the meeting of the so-called Commission for Hate Crimes, which is part of the Ministry of the Interior.

Attending this meeting, Boti Rodrigo, Director General for Sexual Diversity and LGBT Rights at the Ministry for Equality, indicated that sexual minorities had to be protected swiftly.

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Spain to create “groups to fight hate crime”Reuters Archive

False report of an attack on a homosexual

A meeting of the Commission was held the day after a 20-year-old homosexual who claimed to have been attacked by eight people reported to the police station in Madrid. The incident became the main media topic in Spain.

Shortly after initiating the investigation, the police found that in the place indicated by the 20-year-old as the scene, the surveillance cameras did not record the alleged act of aggression or any group of masked men.

On Wednesday, the man pleaded guilty to making a false report. He explained that the vulgar inscription allegedly made by a group of homophobes on his buttocks was in fact the “work” of a person he knew. He confessed that the mutilation occurred with his consent, and that the attack on the grounds of alleged homophobia never happened.

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