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Spain. The biggest downpour in years, hail the size of walnuts

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The historic storm passed over eastern Spain on Monday. Torrential rain and hail fell in the Valencia region – such large hailstones have never been recorded there before. Three people were injured by the storm, local media reported.

On Monday afternoon, it approached the Valencia metropolitan area and the municipality of Castellon in Spain storm. Meteorological warnings have been issued in the region, including level two alerts on a three-point scale.

Historical rain and hail

The Spanish Meteorological Agency AEMET reported that the measurement station in Valencia recorded 34.4 liters of rain per square meter on Monday. In observations conducted since 1938, only twice in history have higher values ​​been recorded for July – in 1986 and 1987.

Heavy hail was also falling in places – according to the AEMET typology, it was in the fourth, largest category. According to the meteorological agency, it was the first ever fall of such large hailstones in the area of ​​the city and the city airport. Hail also fell in the town of Burjassot near Valencia. The storm brought with it strong gusts of wind, whipping umbrellas in the city’s cafes.

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Hail over Spanish BurjassotReuters/Twitter @raulalicante

Local media reported that the heavy hail caused three people minor injuries and four road accidents, but no one was injured. The hail also damaged traffic lights and several façades, with wind-blown trees falling onto cars and streets. City officials also decided to cancel an outdoor concert scheduled for Monday evening.

Hail over Spanish BurjassotReuters/Twitter @raulalicante

Main photo source: Reuters/Twitter @raulalicante

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