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Spain. The police arrested “one of the most intelligent” criminals 172 times

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A Spanish group robbing ATMs and bank branches has been arrested by the police. Gang leader Jose Lopez Sanchez holds the record for the most arrests. The main area of ​​criminal activity was central and eastern Spain, in particular the provinces of Madrid, Toledo and Valencia.

The Spanish police broke up one of the most dangerous criminal groups robbing ATMs and bank branches. Among those detained by Monday afternoon, police said in a statement, there are six people, including Jose Lopez Sanchez, who has been wanted for two years. He was the supposed leader of the gang.

In the past, he had a long list of petty thefts, including cars and watches, from which, according to the media, he “steered”, being able to justify his innocence or his misdeeds were interpreted by judges as acts of little social harmfulness.

Spanish policePolicia Nacional / Twitter

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Lopez Sanchez is “one of the most intelligent” criminals in Spainacted to avoid publicity, according to police. This, in turn, made him a “not very dangerous person” in the eyes of the judges.

One of them, in 2020, for unknown reasons, decided to release the criminal despite the fact that Sanchez almost hit a policeman with a stolen car.

The group robbed ATMs and bank branches

During a pandemic COVID-19 The group led by Lopez Sanchez changed its profile of activity, specializing in breaking into bank branches, according to the investigation. The main method was planting explosives under ATMs and stealing large sums of money from them.

“During the last operation, Lopez Sanchez’s group stole 200,000 euros from one of the ATMs. Shortly after, they were arrested,” the police said.

The main area of ​​activity of the gang, which has been able to steal several million euros only since the pandemic, was central and eastern Spain, in particular the provinces of Madrid, Toledo and Valencia.

Main photo source: Policia Nacional / Twitter

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