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Spain. The police found the body of Sibora Gagani. It was in a wooden box walled up in the wall

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Spanish police have found the body of Sibora Gagani, missing since 2014. Her then partner, Marco R, confessed to the murder of the woman. He fell into the hands of the officers because a few days ago he murdered his new partner, 28-year-old Paula.

According to “El Pais”, the Spanish police found the body of Sibora Gagani on Tuesday. Coming from Albania a woman with Italian nationality, disappeared in 2014 in the southern town of Torremolinos Spain. The woman’s remains were in a wooden box hidden between the walls of the apartment she shared with her then-partner, a 45-year-old citizen ItalianMarco R.

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A woman was murdered by her ex-partner

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Sibora Gagani and Marco R. have lived together since 2011. In 2014, however, they separated, and soon after, on July 7, the woman went missing. Since then, Gagani’s relatives, who live in Italy, have not had any contact with her. Marco R. assured them that the woman had left and did not say where she was going. In 2015, the SOS Desaparecidos association, which helps the police in such cases, joined the search for the woman, but after some time the activities were suspended.

According to “El Pais”, the investigation into her disappearance was resumed only a few days ago, after Marco R. allegedly murdered his current partner, 28-year-old Paula, on May 27 in their home in Torremolinos (other than the one where the remains were found gagani). Neighbors of the couple reportedly called the police because they heard a loud argument. Upon arrival, officers found the woman dead. The perpetrator, who fled the scene, was arrested six hours later.

After his arrest, Marco R. confessed to the police that he had murdered Gagani almost a decade earlier. He explained that he doused her body with acid and then walled it up in their apartment. After inspecting the premises, using an X-ray machine, the police discovered a wooden box between the walls. When it was excavated, it turned out that there were human remains inside. They were sent to the Institute of Legal Medicine for identification, but the officers have no doubt that they belong to Gagani.

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Main photo source: Twitter.com/police

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