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Spain. The streets turned into rivers. Damages after the storm counted in millions of euros

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Spain is dealing with the effects of a storm that has hit its northern part. Some roads were flooded, and hailstones the size of walnuts hit cars and buildings. This is not the end of the weather extremes in the Iberian Peninsula – now a heatwave is approaching the region.

Spain faces extreme weather. It passed over the northern part of the country on Thursday storm with hail, which caused significant damage in several regions, and severe weather warnings remained in place until Friday evening.

“It’s a real river”

In the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz, the capital of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, heavy rain flooded roads and hail the size of walnuts hit buildings. The streets of the city turned into rivers – the rushing water completely submerged cars in the Salburua district, taking smaller objects with it.

“It’s a real river,” one of the city’s residents said in a video that was posted on social media. – I remember the hailstorm of 2009, but this is much worse.

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After the storm in the city of Vitoria-GasteizPAP/EPA/David Aguilar

On Thursday it was equally dangerous in Zaragoza. According to the newspaper “El Pais”, an average of 54 liters of rain per square meter fell in the region in one hour – at the peak of the downpour, the rainfall rate reached 100 l / sq m. The streets of the city were covered with mud and water penetrated the buildings – in one of the schools the damage was so severe that a complete renovation would be necessary in order for students to return to it in September.

“It was unusual rain, completely abnormal,” Zaragoza Mayor Natalia Chueca said. In an interview with local media, she said that the material losses are and will be counted “in millions of euros”.

The heat after the storms

The state meteorological agency AEMET has warned that an African heatwave is approaching Spain. Hot weather is expected to cover the Iberian Peninsula on Sunday. temperatures can rise locally to as high as 45 degrees Celsiusand during the so-called tropical nights, the mercury will not fall below 25 degrees.

After the storm in the city of Vitoria-GasteizPAP/EPA/David Aguilar

After the storm in Vitoria-GasteizPAP/EPA/David Aguilar

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Main photo source: Reuters/Twitter@jeiko_79

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