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Spain. Vox members beaten near Seville. The right-wing party accuses the radical left and publishes the recording

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The Spanish right-wing Vox party has accused the radical left of aggression at an election meeting of its spokesman near Seville. Dozens of people attacked members of the group, and the driver of one of the cars drove past them at high speed.

The right-wing Vox party has accused the radical left of physical and verbal attacks during Friday’s election rally held by its spokesman Jorge Buxade outside the town hall in Marinaleda, near Seville.

Attack on Vox party members

Several dozen residents of the commune participated in the brawl during the election meeting. One person – a Vox sympathizer – was injured. The Civil Guard intervened.

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“Vox is the third largest political party in Spain and suffers the most attacks from the left and separatists,” the party wrote on Twitter, attaching a video of the event.

Marinaleda is considered the district of the communist “leader of the workers”, now 74-year-old Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo, who has won elections there by absolute majority 11 times since 1979.

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They shouted: fascists!

The incidents in the commune occurred when Vox spokesman Jorge Buxade arrived with a group of supporters in front of the town hall. Dozens of residents attacked them, shouting: “fascists”, “mongols” and “long live the republic”. The driver of the car drove close to the Vox members at high speed, almost brushing against them.

The mayoral candidate and current vice-mayor of the United Left (IU) Sergio Gomez Reyes tried to reassure the residents.

A brawl during an election meeting near Sevilletwitter.com/vox_es

Elections in Spain 2023

On May 28, local elections will be held in Spain, which are treated as a “run-up” to the general elections in December. During the previous general election, in November 2019, about 3.5 million people voted for Vox – mainly voters aged 35-44, 70 percent. of them are men. The party, led by Santiago Abascal, then doubled the number of seats in the Congress of Deputies, becoming the third political force after the socialist PSOE and the centre-right PP.

According to an April survey by the government’s public opinion center CIS, Vox currently leads among people between 18 and 24 years old. Approx. 357 thousand young people, i.e. over 20 percent. new electorate, including 80 percent men would vote for Abascal’s party in future elections. More than half of them declare a good economic situation, and almost 43 percent. is studying or has completed higher education. Among the same young electorate, 15.3 percent would vote for the PSOE, and 14.2 percent. on PP.

The second largest group of young voters – 15.5 percent, do not know whom to vote for.

Vox is popular among military and police officers, they constitute 38.5 percent. party electorate. The ruling PSOE is supported by almost 60 percent. by people over 64 years of age. PP is most often supported by voters aged 35 to 64, which is over 63 percent. party electorate.

Main photo source: twitter.com/vox_es

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