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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Special issue of “Talks about the End of the World” from Glasgow. On Saturday, on TVN24 and TVN24 GO

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Already on Saturday on TVN24 a special edition of the program “Rozmowy o end świata”. Magda Łucyan straight from Glasow will talk about what has been established so far during the COP26 climate summit. He will also talk to young people from countries hit by the climate crisis.

UN climate summits, the so-called COP (Conference of the Parties) are annual global meetings during which actions for climate policy are negotiated. This year, the conference, taking place in Glasgow, UK, will run until November 12. Its main goal is to strengthen the arrangements made in Paris in 2015, when for the first time all countries signed an agreement to combat global warming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It was then agreed that all parties would “continue their efforts” to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius from pre-industrial levels and keep this rise “well below” 2.0 degrees Celsius.


Glasgow special edition

On Saturday at 18.00 on TVN24 a special episode of “Talks about the end of the world” straight from Glasgow, where Magda Łucyan has been following the global climate negotiations for a week. The journalist will tell you what stage they are at and what has been established so far.

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The program will also show a conversation with Poles who are suing the Polish government for inaction in the fight against the climate catastrophe.

– We do not expect any compensation, no compensation. Above all, we want to put pressure on the rulers, show them that the climate catastrophe is here, not somewhere far away. In our opinion, the rulers are doing very little to prevent this, says Piotr Nowakowski, one of the suing parties.

Conversations about the end of the world

“Talks about the end of the world” can be watched every first Saturday of the month at 18.00 on TVN24 and in TVN24 GO.

– This is not another program on ecology, it is a completely new formula, which has not existed yet. Here, the world of adult politics will face the ambitions and fears of young people. I hope that this program will increase our climate awareness, we will finally start listening to scientists and start acting – explains Magda Łucyan.

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