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Special programs and documentaries on the 20th anniversary of the US attacks

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33 days after TVN24 started on September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks took place on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. It was a baptism of battle for a young news station, but above all a day of shock for the United States and the world. For the 20th anniversary of these tragic events, the TVN24 team has prepared numerous materials that will be available both on television and on the Internet.

Special program

At. 14 A special program will start on TVN24 BiSwhich will be conducted by Monika Tomasik. Until 18 will host, among others, direct witnesses and participants of the events from 20 years ago and journalists who reported them from Washington and New York. From 2.30 pm, a special program, led by Michał Sznajder, will also be available on TVN24. We will show in it, among others broadcast of the celebrations taking place in the USA. The entire anniversary special program can also be watched live on the Internet on TVN24 GO.


Documentary films

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From Saturday on TVN24 GO the documentary “Rescuers from WTC” from the discovery + library will be available. Its main characters are New York firefighter Ray Pfeifer, lifeguard John Feal and activist Jon Stewart, known primarily as a comedian and longtime host of the popular TV show “The Daily Show”. In the five-year-long film we follow their fight with the American government for appropriate medical care and other forms of support for thousands of firefighters, volunteers and representatives of other services who took part in the rescue operation and clearing out of Ground Zero. Many of them suffer from life-threatening and financially exhausting diseases as a result of contact with toxins or accidents at work.

“World Trade Center Rescuers”dir. Rob Lindsaydiscovery +

On the same day, TVN24 GO will premiere in a fictionalized game documentary “CIA vs. Bin Laden”. It’s a story that begins on September 11, 2001 and ends on May 2, 2011 – the day Navy SEALs caught up with one of the most dangerous terrorists in history, the mastermind behind the attacks on the US. The filmmakers managed to convince the most important figures of the Bin Laden hunt – CIA officers and directors, American and European military and congressmen to talk; those who organized the operation and those who carried it out. Some of them are talking about the action for the first time.

TVN24 GO users will also be able to see the documentary “Taliban Five. Return to Afghanistan”. This is yet another look at the effects of the 2001 attacks – the war in Afghanistan. The film is set in the current reality – a country that was taken over by the Taliban again, including one of the title Five – Muhammad Nabi Omari, which the film’s authors managed to reach. When the Americans entered Afghanistan in 2001, the man ended up in Guantánamo, where he spent 13 years. A few years later, he sat in the same room with the Americans and took part in diplomatic negotiations aimed at de-escalating the situation in Afghanistan. Today it has an impact again on what the future of the country will look like under the Taliban rule. But the film is not only about the “Taliban Five” as Omariego and four other formidable fundamentalists called the American media. It is also a picture of the lives of Afghans, for whom the return of the Taliban means fear, the end of freedom, and often an escape.

Still from the movie “CIA vs. Bin Laden”TVN24 GO

Reports and interviews

He also tells about the events from twenty years ago reportage by Paulina Tomanek “Broken Life”. The journalist “Black on the White” reached the Poles whose lives were marked by the attacks of September 11. 20 years later, they still remember every second of that day – with details and still strong emotions. They escaped from the burning WTC towers or waited for a call from their loved ones who worked in the towers. Some months they cleaned up the rubble from collapsed skyscrapers, others were born a few months after the attack in which their fathers were killed. The report is available on TVN24 GO along with additional material.

On the platform you can also see moving conversation with Sylwester Łukasiewicz, a Polish operator living in New York, who recorded the moment of the attack on his camera. The tape from September 11, 2001, for the first time, was watched in full for the first time, in the company of the American TVN correspondent of “Facts”, Marcin Wrona.

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