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Speech by President Andrzej Duda – TVN24

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Europe is at a crucial historical moment. The coming years will determine the direction in which the entire European Union will go, said President Andrzej Duda in his speech on Thursday.

President Andrzej Duda delivered a speech on Thursday. – Ten years ago I was elected a Member of the European Parliament. Perhaps few people remember it today, but after the elections in 2014, I had the honor to represent Poland and Poles in the European Union for a year and fight for Polish interests in Brussels – he began.


– I saw up close how important decisions are made in the European Parliament, how much can depend on our representatives and how important it is for our representatives to effectively and consistently pursue Polish issues. This Sunday, June 9, we will re-elect Polish members of the European Parliament, he continued.

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– We realize every day that these are extremely important elections. The Migration Pact and the Green Deal are currently arousing great social emotions. The consequences of decisions made in the European Parliament affect Poland and each of us and will affect them even more in the future. That is why these elections are so important, because we, Poles, can designate representatives on this day who will make such important decisions on our behalf, for Poland, but also for the whole of Europe – he added.

As he said, “Europe is at a crucial, historic moment.” – The coming years will determine the direction in which the whole will go European Union. Will it be, as the founding fathers of the community wanted, a “Europe of homelands” that respects the history, culture, tradition and identity of individual member states, or will it be a centralized European state, as Brussels bureaucrats would like it to be, where EU treaties will be changed by the great and Poland's influence on making the most important decisions is limited, he said.

– As a Pole, as a politician and as president, I have always been, am and will be in favor of a sovereign Republic of Poland that alone decides on the most important matters for Poles. According to the principle that the stronger Poland is in Europe, the stronger the European Union will be. Our 20 years of presence in the EU have demonstrated this best. This time is a great success for Poland, a great success for Poles. We were able to use it brilliantly. Our homeland has developed extremely dynamically. It has not only caught up, but also overtaken many EU countries, said the president.

– But we are an ambitious nation. We think about the future, ours, our children's and our grandchildren's. In the next 20 years, Poland must be even stronger, even safer and even more prosperous. This is a key task for the Polish authorities and our representatives in the European Union, he added.

– A few days ago we celebrated the anniversary of the first, partially free elections in 1989. This date reminds us of the great value of Polish democracy. It reminds us that we have to decide about Polish matters ourselves and that no decisions should be imposed on us. But we must strive for democracy every day; it is stronger the greater the involvement of citizens. That's why I always encourage people to vote in elections and I'm very happy with the high turnout. This was the case in the last presidential and last parliamentary elections. I hope this will be the case this time in the extremely important European elections. Let's go to the polls and encourage our loved ones, neighbors and families to do so. We shape Europe in our interest, he concluded.

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