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Speech by the Speaker of the Sejm, Elżbieta Witek

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This Polish state and its authorities have detected a danger of violating procedures for issuing visas. The state acted efficiently, while the opposition is unleashing a machine of lies and hate, said Elżbieta Witek, Speaker of the Sejm, in her Saturday speech, referring to the visa scandal at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She also attacked the Speaker of the Senate, Tomasz Grodzki, who delivered his speech the day before, as well as Donald Tusk, the opposition and the European Union, especially Germany.

In his speech, the Marshal of the Senate said that he was in disbelief about further information “coming to light in connection with the government’s visa scandal.” PIS“.

He emphasized that “Polish visas, documents authorizing entry to our country, were sold at stalls in Asian and African countries.” Thanks to this – he pointed out – “hundreds of thousands of migrants flowed into our homeland, and not only did they probably make money from this practice, but according to media reports, it was organized by the highest Polish officials.”

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Message by Elżbieta Witek

In response, the Marshal of the Sejm accused Grodzki of using the institution of the speech to “try to lie and mislead Poles.” She also pointed to the situation on the Italian island of Lampedusa, where several thousand migrants from Africa have arrived by boat in recent days.

– What is the Polish opposition doing at this time? It misleads Poles. He is accusing the public of the case of the alleged issuance of work visas in violation of procedures, which has been exaggerated to exorbitant proportions. What is needed here is a clear explanation and correction of the opposition’s manipulation – it was the Polish state and its bodies that detected the danger of violating procedures. Despite the lack of formal charges against those who may have been involved, harsh consequences were immediately imposed. The case is being thoroughly investigated and the state has acted efficiently to put an end to the alleged irregularities, said the Speaker of the Sejm.

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As she added, “these facts have no significance for the opposition.” – To divert attention from the real problem, i.e. the invasion of illegal immigrants into Europe, the opposition and its friendly media centers are unleashing a whole machine of lies and hatred against the government. It is embarrassing that a person who has serious problems with the law himself is speaking publicly on this matter, she said.

“It’s worth asking the question why are they doing this? Donald Tusk in this way, he is trying to divert attention from the fact that, hand in hand, with the then German Chancellor, he was the architect of this dangerous policy, allowing the virtually uncontrolled admission of illegal immigrants. Donald Tusk talked about penalties for Poland for not agreeing to their forced relocation to our country. His party friend Ewa Kopaczbreaking solidarity countries of the Visegrad Group agreed to this mechanism, and its spokesman assured that “we are ready to accept any number,” Witek said.

The Speaker of the Sejm assessed that “Prime Minister Donald Tusk is nothing else than Lampedusa in Poland.” – If Tusk were in power today, Polish women would not leave home after dark, and parents would be afraid to send their children to school or to the swimming pool alone. Cars would be burning on Polish streets, and using public transport would be quite brave. Horror districts would not be a fictional film, but a reality faced by cities in France or Sweden. This is the Poland they wanted, she said. – Today before elections they are doing everything to make this topic fade into the background. They create media manipulations only to divert attention from their previous actions, but also from their plans for the future. Tusk’s return means chaos and danger for Poles. Such was his rule. He must not be given a second chance to repeat the same mistakes. I am appealing to you not to fall for these dirty tricks. Donald Tusk wants to avoid answering a simple question: will he agree to any Polish participation in the EU mechanism for forced relocation of immigrants? To escape from this, he is announcing today that he will invalidate the referendum in which this question is asked, Witek said. – Let us not allow the voice and decisions of Poles on an issue as fundamental as security to be ignored. It is worth trusting those who are reliable and keep their words. To those who, through their actions so far, have proven that they guarantee a safe future and that Poles will decide what kind of Poland they want – the Speaker of the Sejm also addressed the audience.

Main photo source: Sejm of the Republic of Poland

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