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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Speech by the Speaker of the Senate, Tomasz Grodzki: the visa scandal is the biggest scandal of the 21st century

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This is the biggest scandal we have faced in the 21st century. Corruption at the highest levels of government, bringing a direct threat to all of us. And it’s because of people whose mouths are full of phrases about security, said Senate Speaker Tomasz Grodzki in his Friday speech, commenting on the visa scandal at the Polish Ministry of Diplomacy.

The Speaker of the Senate, Tomasz Grodzki, delivered a speech on Friday evening. – We look with disbelief at further information coming to light in connection with the government’s visa scandal PIS. Polish visas, documents authorizing entry to our country, were sold at stalls in Asian and African countries. Thanks to this, hundreds of thousands of migrants flowed into our homeland. Not only did they probably make money from this practice, but according to media reports it was organized by the highest Polish officials – he began.

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– I am addressing you today as the Marshal of the Senate of the Republic of Poland in the form of a televised message, because it is the only form, the only way for this truth to reach everyone. It must also be broadcast on public television, which is watched by many of you, he continued.

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– The highest state officials organized a large-scale transfer of people to Poland. According to media reports, over 250,000 work visas have been issued to citizens of African and Asian countries, including Muslim ones, over the last 30 months. Visas for which bribes had to be paid to appropriate people, he added.

Speaker of the Senate Tomasz Grodzki Chancellery of the Senate of the Republic of Poland

– In this way, hundreds of thousands of people came to our country with the right to work. Photos of queues in front of Polish consulates in African and Asian countries and videos of immigrants advising others on the easiest way to obtain a Polish visa are circulating on the Internet, he said.

– The transfer of people took place practically without any control, which could have resulted in the entry into the European Union of hundreds of people considered terrorists who threatened our security. This is the biggest scandal we have faced in the 21st century. Corruption at the highest levels of government, bringing a direct threat to all of us. And it’s because of people whose mouths are full of phrases about security, he said.

Five questions from the Speaker of the Senate

The Marshal of the Senate asked five questions to the “highest representatives of PiS power.” – I would like to ask those of you who have not yet heard about the visa scandal – check out various sources of information. Talk to your neighbors, your children and grandchildren. This truth must reach everywhere. On your behalf, I am asking five questions to the highest representatives of the PiS authorities obliged to take care of our safety: the president Andrzej Dudato the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawieckito the Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław KaczyńskiMinister of Foreign Affairs Zbigniew Rau and Minister of Interior and Administration Mariusz Kamiński – said Tomasz Grodzki.

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– When did you know about this practice and its scale? Who among you, your colleagues or officials benefited materially from this transfer? Who headed this gang and who was designated as a scapegoat by the authorities? Have you received signals from NATO-allied countries that among the migrants you let in there are also people suspected of terrorism? When will you answer these questions to the public at an open conference? – he asked in his message.

– This case ruins our country’s reputation as a responsible member of the democratic community of the free world and jeopardizes our security, which is why it must be thoroughly explained. Time does not allow us to present all the PiS scandals, the number of which runs into dozens, and which you may not have heard about on public television – he added.

– We spoke loudly about them in the Senate of the Republic of Poland during the ending 10th term. Thanks to the steadfast attitude of the senators of the democratic majority, persistently defending the Constitution, the rule of law, the rights of women, children, the sick and disabled, we have earned the name “redoubt of democracy”, where good triumphs over evil, and truth triumphs over lies. And it will be like that now, he concluded.

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