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Speed ​​cameras in Warsaw – over 87,000 speeding cases in 2021. Where are the most violations?

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Since the beginning of the year, speed cameras in Warsaw have registered over 87,000 infringements – summed up the Chief Road Transport Inspectorate. Despite the increase in their number by devices on the Poniatowski Bridge, the number of registered violations fell by 17 percent. Soon, more speed-controlled places will appear – tests of the camera system for sectional speed measurement on the S8 route are underway.

According to data provided by the spokeswoman of the Chief Road Transport Inspectorate, Monika Niżniak, from the beginning of 2021, all speed cameras set up in Warsaw registered 87.2 thousand violations. The most photos were taken by the speed camera located at Spacerowa Street – 13 558. – This speed camera also records the most infringements on a national scale – noted Niżniak.

The speed camera at Pileckiego Street in Ursynów was in second place, while six new speed cameras on the Poniatowski Bridge since the beginning of their operation, they have already registered 18,268 infringements. In turn, the least photos were taken by the device located at Zamieniecka in the direction of Gocław – 56, the speed camera at Fieldorfa in the direction of Plac Szembeka – 160 and in Aleja KEN – 459.


GITD: Despite the increase in the number of speed cameras, the number of infringements has decreased

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– Despite the increase in the number of devices by six speed cameras located on the Poniatowski Bridge, compared to the same period last year, the number of infringements registered in Warsaw has decreased by 17 percent, which is very good news and this trend should be maintained. Last year, the devices registered 105.5 thousand cases of exceeding the speed limit by drivers at that time – emphasized the spokeswoman of the Polish General Inspectorate of Road Transport.

She indicated that drivers in Warsaw exceed the speed by an average of 22 kilometers per hour more than allowed by the regulations. – However, there are cases of extreme irresponsibility: in August, the speed camera at Modlińska registered a vehicle, which the driver was driving at a speed of 164 kilometers per hour in a built-up area. A few months earlier, at the end of May, this time at Pułkowa a speed camera registered a vehicle whose driver had 137 kilometers per hour on the meter – said Niżniak.

The camera system is being tested on the S8

As previously reported by the GITD spokeswoman, more places under speed control will appear on the map of Warsaw at any moment. The technical acceptance of two of them ended on Wednesday sectional speed measurements on the Warsaw section of the S8 route between the Łabiszyńska junction and the Piłsudskiego junction (Marki) as well as the Konotopa junction and the Bemowo junction (Lazurowa). – Late Wednesday afternoon, we started testing the camera system. After positive tests, the devices will be switched to the violation registration mode, which should take place in the next few days – she emphasized.

After activating the cameras, the measurements will be carried out in both directions on all lines of the main route of the S8 route. – A total of 30 cameras have been installed. Based on the time of entry and exit of the vehicle from the controlled section of the road, the system will automatically determine its average speed – she explained.

The cost of installing sectional speed measurement devices on the S8 route was nearly four million zlotys.

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