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Spokesman of the National Electoral Office about the incident in front of the National Electoral Commission headquarters and Janusz Korwin-Mikke's entry. “Unhappy Accident”

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Marcin Chmielnicki, spokesman for the National Electoral Office, said that the incident involving a child, which took place on Friday in front of the headquarters of the National Electoral Commission, was an “unhappy accident”. On Friday, on Platform

On Friday at 18 began at the National Electoral Commission drawing numbers of committee lists starting in elections to the EP.

“Scandal is an understatement! We are a nationwide committee, but we were not allowed to take part in the draw,” former Confederation MP Janusz Korwin-Mikke wrote later that day on Platform X. “In addition, during the struggle, the hand of the son of Mr. (Marek – ed.) Woch, the leader of the non-party, was caught in the door. The boy is going to the hospital, his hand is broken! I won't leave it like that!” – added..

“It was just an unfortunate accident”

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Marcin Chmielnicki, spokesman for the National Electoral Office, commented on the matter. – It was just an unfortunate accident – he said. He emphasized that, contrary to Korwin-Mikke's words, “there was no scuffle” and the politician appeared in front of the headquarters NEC only after the incident.

– From what I saw on the monitoring, it was just this child, (when) the parents were on the phones, standing by the door and when one of the employees of the president's office came out – and the child held his hand at the door – and moved the door aside, he simply ( door) gently pulled the hand in, he explained.

The spokesman expressed regret about the incident. – It's a pity that (…) the child appeared there and you were standing in the doorway all the time (…). The child was simply not supervised, he said.

Chmielnicki said that people with children were waiting there for the election representative of their committee. – They did not have a written power of attorney, so they simply had to wait for an attorney – he added. He explained that without power of attorney, they could not enter the building.

Spokesman: the National Electoral Commission includes journalists, proxies and authorized persons

According to him, Korwin-Mikke, who arrived at the National Electoral Commission headquarters at approximately 18.20, “expressed surprise” that he could not go inside. The spokesman emphasized that the politician was not an MP and was not authorized by the electoral representative to enter.

– The rule is that (the National Electoral Commission) includes journalists, electoral representatives and persons authorized by the electoral representative – he explained.

On Friday, the National Electoral Commission held a drawing of list numbers of electoral committees running in the upcoming elections to the European Parliament. Among the committees that registered lists in all electoral districts, number 1 went to the Third Way, 2 to the Confederation, 3 to the Non-Party Local Government – Normal Poland in Normal Europe, 4 to Polexit, 5 to KO, 6 to the Left, and 7 to PIS.

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