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Spotify Wrapped 2023. Most popular Taylor Swift and Taco Hemingway

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Spotify has just published a musical summary of 2023. The most frequently played artist on the platform in recent months was Taylor Swift. Taco Hemingway reigned supreme among Polish listeners. Every Spotify user can also check who they listened to most often last year.

Spotify Wrapped, the annual summary of the music streaming platform, appeared on Wednesday, November 29. Since 2016, Spotify has been counting plays and presenting the results in categories such as “most popular artist” or “most popular song” of the year. Both global and local summaries are published, created for individual countries, including Poland.

The platform also presents individual analyses. Each user can check, among others: how much time he spent listening to music on Spotify in the past year and who was on his headphones or speakers most often.

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Spotify Wrapped 2023 – Poland

Polish listeners are most likely to listen to songs by local artists. Among the ten most frequently listened to artists on Spotify in our country, there is only one foreigner – The Weeknd. Taco Hemingway took first place, who released a new album after a break of over three years. White 2115 and Kukon completed the podium. Below we present the entire top ten. Once again, it was dominated by rappers.

1. Taco Hemingway 2. White 2115 3. Kukon 4. Mata 5. Oki 6. Gibbs 7. sanah 8. Bedoes 2115 9. The Weeknd 10. Dawid Podsiadło

The song most frequently played by Polish listeners of the platform in 2023 was also a rap song – “Taxi” by Kizo, Bletka, BeMelo, Eddie Block and Adash. In turn, the most popular album in recent months on the streaming platform turned out to be “Rodzinny Biznes” by the 2115 team gathered around Bedoes, also rappers. Among the podcasts, the Journalist’s “Conversations without Compromises” enjoyed the greatest interest among Spotify users.

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Spotify Wrapped 2023 – world

On a global scale, the platform’s most popular artist of 2023 was Taylor Swift. Second place was taken by Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny, whose album “Un Verano Sin Ti”, although released last year, was the most played album in recent months (overtaking last year’s next album, “Midnights” by the aforementioned Swift). The Weeknd came in third.

The most popular song of 2023 on Spotify is “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus. Also on the podium were “Kill Bill” by SZA and “As It Was” by Harry Styles.

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