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Spring 2023. Weather for the first days of spring. Forecast for the whole week

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Monday and Tuesday will be the first days of astronomical and calendar spring. What weather will the new season greet us with? Are we facing severe weather disruptions in the coming week?

Poland fell under the influence of the Gerson lowland system with its center over northern Scandinavia. A cold front is entering the country from the west. Over the next 24 hours, warm air will be displaced by a cooler, moist mass of polar air from above the Atlantic Ocean, explains tvnmeteo.pl weather forecaster Arleta Unton-Pyziołek.

He adds that over the next few days the weather in Poland will be shaped by a vast, multi-center low-pressure vortex from the Atlantic. Masses of sea polar air are to flow from the west, bringing cloudy weather and spring showers.

You can read more about what temperature awaits us in the coming days in long-term forecast for 16 days.

The weather in the first days of spring

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On Monday, When does astronomical spring begin?, rainfall of 1-5 liters of water per square meter will move from the west into the country. Only in Podlasie and Podkarpacie it should not rain. The wind will turn out to be west and south-west, weak and moderate, in the west quite strong at times.

On Tuesday, that is first day of calendar spring, it will rain intermittently in most of the country. It will drop to 5 l/sqm. In general, the day promises to be dry in the region of Lubusz Land and in Wielkopolska. Light and moderate winds from the north-west and west.

Wednesday with no rain will pass only in the afternoon. In the rest of the country there will be periodic rainfall up to 1-5 l/sqm. There will be a south-westerly, moderate, periodically quite strong wind, gusting up to 50-70 kilometers per hour.

On Thursday, rain will fall everywhere except south-eastern Poland. The sum of precipitation will be from 5 to 10 l/sqm. The wind will be south-west, moderate and quite strong, with gusts reaching 50-70 km / h.

Forecast temperature for the next daysVentus

Weekend with rain too

Friday will also bring showers in almost the entire country, reaching a sum of 1-10 l / sq m. Only the inhabitants of Podkarpacie should not expect rain. The wind will blow from the south-west, moderately and quite strongly, with gusts accelerating to 50-80 km / h.

Similar weather awaits us this weekend. Everywhere – both on Saturday and Sunday – there may be showers of rain. It will fall from 1 to 5 l/sqm. The wind will turn out to be west and south, quite strong, reaching speeds of up to 50-80 km / h.

Rain forecast for the next few days

Rain forecast for the next few daysVentus

Main photo source: PAP/Darek Delmanowicz

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